Le Patch 1.24 disponible

Gas Powered Games nous livre aujourd'hui une nouvelle mise à jour pour Supreme Commander 2. Ce patch 1.24 ne change pas grand chose et se contente de corriger les bugs apportés par le précédent patch ou le DLC. Bien sûr, il est accompagné d'une énième optimisation de l'intelligence artificielle.

En voici la liste des modifications apportées :

Fixes and Improvements

  • Increased lobby timeout to 8 seconds as an experiment, up from 4. This will increase matchmaker leniency, but may result in more shaky connections being permitted into games
  • Save Game Load fixes. Rare broken save games from v1.23 should load correctly now
  • Fix for illuminate Quantum Floating units sometimes not leaving wreckage, not firing off their death weapon, and not being able to fire their weapons when built on water
  • Fix for ACUs not finishing their current project when paused
  • Fixed UI based economy exploit


  • Adjusted vanilla tuning of Loyalists to match DLC.
  • Adjusted vanilla tuning of Cybran Jump Jets to match DLC.
  • Adjusted DLC tuning of Illuminate PD to match vanilla


  • Fix for AI platoons being too timid.
  • Increased AI Prioritizing of enemy ACUs.
  • Fix for the AI researching items twice after loading a saved game or starting a game with all research unlocked.
  • Neural Net platoon fixes to salvo calculations. Should result in more persistent attacks.
  • AI will attack a non-targeted enemies area if they can't attack anything else

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